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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Statement:

"Taozhen" is operated by "Gangxing Co., Ltd."; in order to maintain personal privacy and support the protection of personal data, Taozhen would like to explain to you the purpose, category, scope and method of personal information collected by Taozhen with the following statement. If you have any questions about Taozhen’s privacy statement, the following related notices, or related matters related to personal data protection, you can contact Taozhen’s customer service line, and Taozhen will reply as soon as possible illustrate.

Scope of application:
The Taozhen privacy statement and the notices it contains are only applicable to the websites owned and operated by Taozhen. The Taozhen website may contain many links, or products or services provided by other partners and individual stores, regarding the privacy statement and personal data protection of the linked websites, partner websites or online stores of individual stores For related notices, please refer to the linked websites, partner websites or online stores of individual stores.

Purpose and category of personal data collection:
Taozhen is for the purpose of providing e-commerce services, after-sales service, fulfilling statutory or contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties and related stakeholders, marketing, customer management and services, and operating businesses that meet the business registration items or the articles of association. , according to the nature of each service, it is possible to collect your name, contact information (including but not limited to telephone, E-MAIL and address, etc.), information required to complete collection or payment, IP address, and other information that can be obtained Personal data that directly or indirectly identifies the user. In addition, in order to improve service quality, Taozhen will record the user's IP address and browsing activities on Taozhen related websites or apps (including but not limited to the software and hardware used by the user) according to the nature of the service provided. , the webpage you clicked, the APP you downloaded) and other data, and these data are only used for traffic analysis and network behavior investigation, so as to improve the service quality of Taozhen-related websites or apps, and will not be connected with specific individuals.

Use of personal data:
The personal data, consumption and transaction data collected by Taozhen that can identify the user’s identity, or other personal information provided with your consent in the future, will only be processed and used by Taozhen within its own organization according to the purpose of collection, or It is necessary to complete the provision of services or fulfill contractual obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or orders or requirements of competent authorities (including but not limited to courts or Taiwan Clearing House), otherwise Taopin will not be sufficient to identify the user Personal data is provided to third parties (including domestic and overseas) not listed in this Privacy Policy, or used for purposes other than the purpose of collection. Taozhen will continue to store, process and use relevant information. Within the scope of the collection purposes above, this store will provide the collected personal data to cooperative vendors (including but not limited to SHOPLINE that provides this service, home delivery freight forwarders, communication service providers, cash flow service providers and other assisted providers) Third-party vendors necessary to fulfill contractual obligations or customer service) to assist in the completion or termination of transactions. For message notifications, Taozhen may use LINE notification messages to notify necessary information such as returns and membership rights. Even if you are not a friend of the company/service, you can still receive notification messages. The company/service sends Notification messages are limited to messages that are effective and important to you. Messages for advertising or other purposes will not be sent. Those who meet the following three conditions will receive notification messages. (1) The phone number set by the LINE account It matches the phone number sent by the company/service (2) The LINE account has agreed to receive notification messages in the LINE APP settings (3) The LINE account has not blocked the LINE official account that sent the message. To change the settings of notification messages, the operation is as follows: (1) Click "Friends" > "Settings" (2) Click "Privacy Settings" (3) Click "Provide usage information" (4) Click "Notification "Message" (5) switch "Receive Notification Message". After turning off "receive notification messages", you will not receive notification messages from any enterprise official account or verified official account.
If you choose to pay by credit card, it can only be used by the credit cardholder himself, and you have to send a note to the issuing bank, acquiring bank and cardholder for the transaction information and confirm whether it is true, and the payment procedure will be completed after the verification is correct. The personal data obtained in accordance with the above collection purposes may be sent to places outside your country or region for storage or processing, and your information will only be sent overseas if it complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Third Party Utilization and Advertising (Analytics) Services:
In order to optimize your consumption experience, we provide the function of relevant third-party authentication services. Third-party authentication providers such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Line, etc., allow you to use this function to complete the registration and login process of this website more quickly. At the same time, in order to make it easier for you to access the product information you prefer, we will share your personal information with service providers who provide advertising analysis and delivery within the scope of optimizing the advertising delivery and usage process for you on different platforms Such as Google, Facebook, Line, Yahoo, Criteo, Adobe, Tagtoo, and other service providers can arrange accurate product advertisements for you. In addition, we have also installed the Google Analytics advertising function. If you want to deactivate such functions and services, you are advised to refer to the ways of not disclosing information provided by Google to deactivate this function, or contact us, and we will provide necessary assistance.

Data Security:
Taozhen will maintain the security of Taozhen's personal data with reasonable technology and procedures in line with industry standards. Please note that the mobile phone number is the core authentication information associated with your membership. If you lose your mobile phone, change your mobile phone number, or change the ownership of your mobile phone number, please be sure to contact Yuanjiazhai Xianpei to further complete the necessary personal information changes. To ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data and transaction data; if you do not make the above-mentioned information change requirements, you must bear all possible damages yourself.

Rights of Data Subjects:
The data subject may request to inquire about, read his or her personal data or ask for a copy. If your personal information changes, or if your personal information is found to be incorrect, you can ask Taozheng to modify or correct it; if the information you provide is wrong or missing, it will not be protected by this privacy statement. You may request deletion, cessation of processing or utilization of personal data. However, this does not apply to those necessary for the performance of duties or business. In response to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users in EU countries will suspend the use of Taozhen's services. If you have any inquiries, please contact Taozhen Customer Service Center. If you do not want to exercise the right to request deletion, please contact the service specialist directly and leave a message to the store to assist you in exercising your right, but the company may charge the necessary costs at its discretion, and will notify the requester of the processing result in writing.

For the convenience of users, the Taozhen website may read the cookie data stored in the user's computer. Users can cancel or limit this function through the browser settings, but they may not be able to use some website functions. If you want to know how to cancel or limit this function, please contact Taozhen Customer Service Center.

Google Analytics Advertising Features:
The Service has Google Analytics Advertising Features installed. This function is only used to analyze the effectiveness of advertising and optimize the use process. If you want to disable the Google Analytics (analysis) advertising function, it is recommended that you refer to the method of not disclosing information provided by Google to disable this function.

If you are unwilling to provide relevant personal data required by various services or transactions to Taozhen, and you do not agree to Taozhen's collection of personal data in accordance with laws and regulations, and this Privacy Statement and its related notices, Processing, utilization and international transmission, Taozhen will respect your decision, but according to the nature or conditions of each service, you may not be able to use such services or complete related transactions, and Taozhen reserves the right to agree to provide such related services or The right to complete the relevant transaction.

Mobile device APP permissions:
For consumers who use the mobile device APP, the collected personal information will be stored on your mobile device. The mobile APP requires you to grant the APP access to the mobile device with the following permissions:
Location / Nearest Store Search
Calendar/Commodity Sale Notification
Screenshot of Album/Save Order
Contacts/Pre-order transfer contact function
Access to Google Play Service/Push, Google Map
Receive Push/Receive Push
Vibrate/vibrate when a push is received
Execute network call/general network transmission function
Obtain precise location/store location query
Obtain an approximate location/store location query
Write to file/Mobile app internal update use
Executable Installer/Mobile App Internal Update Use
Obtain an account in Account Service / third-party marketing use
Get Phone Status/Third Party Marketing Use

Amendment rights and effects:
Taozhen has the right to revise this privacy statement and related notices at any time, and may publish it on the Taozhen website after revision without individual notice. You agree that the updated privacy policy is still effective for you. Therefore, you are obliged to also You can read the latest version of the privacy statement and related notices on the Taozhen website at any time.